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is mild fun, quirky and entertaining, but it also feels like it's trying too hard to be weird. Ich freue mich auf Sie. When a couple with two pubescent children almost lose their children after an encounter with a pervert, their lives are turned inside out as they suspect a traumatic sexual encounter. Rattengeiler Fuss und Nylonfetisch der Extraklasse. Write a comment Vision of Magic (also here ) Bist Du bereit, alle Vorurteile abzulegen, Dich voll und ganz auf mich einzulassen? So many ideas get thrown around, and the machine's goals keep changing so often, that even they can't figure out what they put together, and soon unusual things start to happen, until they figure out that they have invented a time loop. Villemolle 81 Free-wheeling wackiness and fun camp taken to a new level in this French comedy. So what are you waiting for? HK is portrayed as a collection of strange people, lifestyles and alien culture, half of the movie consisting of vignettes as the protagonist meets one strange person after another while trying to deliver a briefcase to the crime boss.


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